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Camilla G. Pitman, MMC, PLS, has served the city of Greenville,South Carolina, since 1995, as Legal Office Coordinator for the City Attorney’s Office, Clerk of Court of Municipal Court, and since 2007 as City Clerk. Prior to joining the City, Camilla served as a legal assistant in Greenville area law firms for ten years. 


Leadership and service have always been a part of Camilla’s background. She previously served as President for the South Carolina Municipal Finance Officers, Clerks, and Treasurers Association, as President of the Legal Staff Professionals of South Carolina and Legal Staff Professionals of Greenville, and as a member on IIMC Committees since 2012. Camilla completed her term of service in May 2022 on the IIMC Board of Directors representing Region III and is currently serving as Chair on the IIMC Policy Committee. 

Camilla has presented at IIMC Annual Conferences, IIMC Region Conferences, IIMC state associations and affiliates, and NALS national, state and local chapters. Camilla recently spoke internationally during the 2023 IIMC Study Abroad and Symposium where she served as a presenter at the Vereniging van Griffiers (Association of Griffiers) Symposium in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Camilla has also participated and performed during the IIMC Opening Ceremonies and has served as Emcee for the IIMC Annual Banquet. 


Camilla is certified as a Master Municipal Clerk and in 2017 was named as an Athenian Leadership Society Fellow and Dialogue Facilitator. Camilla currently serves as a mentor for IIMC members interested in becoming Athenian Facilitators and served as mentor to the first IIMC Region XI facilitator. Camilla is a 2014 IIMC PEGA  Award Recipient and at the 2023 IIMC Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Camilla was honored as an IIMC Quill Award Recipient.

Sessions offered by Camilla: 

Athenian Leadership Society Dialogue Facilitator (Virtual and In Person)

Session:  Finding the Leader in You (Leadership Development)

Session:  Boards and Commissions

Session:  Codification and Recodification

Session:  Clerk as the City Juggler (Organizational Skills)

Session:  Meeting Minutes

Session:  Succession Planning

Session:  Council Orientation

Session:  Agenda Preparation / Ordinances and Resolutions

Presenting in Amsterdam during the Vereniging van Griffiers Symposium (Association of Griffiers) (September 2023)

Serving as Emcee with Byron Pope during the IIMC Annual Banquet in Omaha (2016) 

Facilitating the first Athenian Dialogue
at an IIMC Region III Conference
Eat Mor Chikin, Inspire More People (2019)

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