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February 16, 2024
Letter to IIMC Members

February 23, 2024
Letter to IIMC Members

March 1, 2024
Letter to IIMC Members

Hello IIMC Members, and welcome to my website. I am Camilla Pitman, and I am the City Clerk of the City of Greenville, South Carolina.  I am excted to announce that I am a candidate for the 2024 International Institute of Municipal Clerks Vice President.

Committed to professional excellence through

Education and Certification

International Relations

Leadership Development

I am running as a candidate for 2024 IIMC Vice President because . . . 

Education and Certification.  I am a firm advocate for continuing education and certification. Our world and profession are everchanging. It is important for IIMC to continue to offer education in a medium that will reach and benefit all IIMC members. This will allow more IIMC members the opportunity to achieve their Certified Municipal Clerk and Master Municipal Clerk designations.  Since 2011, I have contributed to IIMC educational programs serving as a presenter at IIMC Annual Conferences, IIMC Region Conferences, IIMC state associations and affiliates, and in September 2023 at the Vereniging van Griffiers Symposium in Amsterdam. 

International Relations. I am committed to expanding international relations to encourage more engagement and involvement with our IIMC members in the 15 international affiliates in Regions X and XI.  I am also committed to continuing the work of our current and former Executive Committees and Board of Directors in restructuring the current guidelines for certification to afford our international members the same opportunities as their United States counterparts in achieving their Certified Municipal Clerk and Master Municipal Clerk designations. 

Leadership Development. I support leadership development and want to continue to encourage growth in our members through programs established by IIMC and through my personal mantra,  Networking . . . Engaging . . . Mentoring . . . Serving.  Since 2017, I have served as an Athenian Leadership Society Facilitator, and I serve as a mentor for IIMC members interested in becoming Facilitators.  In 2023, I was honored to mentor the first IIMC Region XI Facilitator.  Each of these steps have assisted in my growth as a leader, and my desire is to continue to give back to IIMC through encouraging IIMC members as servant leaders throughout the world. 

In 2007 when I was appointed to serve in the role of City Clerk of the City of Greenville, I could have never imagined that my journey in IIMC would lead me to this unexpected opportunity. I joined the City of Greenville in 1995, serving int he City Attorney's Office and in Municipal Court before being named as City Clerk. Serving on the IIMC Board of Directors and IIMC Committees has fueled a passion and desire in me to continue making a difference in IIMC and to to take the next step of leadership in pursuing the position of IIMC Vice President. 

I invite you to join me on this journey by following my website and my Facebook site

(Camilla for IIMC VP) as I share information about my personal and professional background, my experience, and my love for IIMC by continuing to serve IIMC and you, the members.  


I ask for your consideration.

I ask for your support.

I ask for your vote.

Camilla G. Pitman, MMC, Certified PLS

City of Greenville, SC

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